Accessing Easley

Request an Account

In order to submit jobs to the Easley Cluster, you must have an Easley account:

  1. Access the Account Request Form

  2. Login with Auburn credentials

  3. Choose “Easley” from the “Machine” drop-down list

  4. Select your sponsor from drop-down list. (Make sure to select the correct sponsor or your account approval could be delayed).

  5. Complete the form

  6. Accept the Terms of Use

  7. Submit the request

Your request will be emailed to the sponsor that you selected and they will approve or deny the request at their discretion. If approved, you will receive a Welcome email. It will confirm that your account was created and include the Easley Cluster Quick Start Guide.

Connect to Easley

Before attempting to connect to Easley, make sure you have the following

Global Protect VPN

Linux, Mac or Windows terminal

To connect to Easley, open a terminal program, then ssh to ‘’ with your Auburn userid.

ssh <auburn-userid>

If successfully logged in, you should now see a command prompt and be in your home directory.

You will need to use an AU VPN connection to access Easley from off-campus.

For more information visit the following website:


For gui clients such as Putty, SecureCRT, MobaX, Xshell, use the following: Host Name:


A terminal window will appear.For ‘Login as’ type your username ONLY and press enter. After entering your password, you will be prompted by duo to authenticate to the cluster.


Common Issues Connecting to Easley

Error: Connection Timed out

  • This is a common error for users who are not connected to the Global Protect VPN before attempting access.

  • All users must connect to the Global Protect VPN, including users using AU_WIFI.

Error: Connection Failed

  • If you are connecting via a gui ssh client such as Putty,SecureCRT, XShell, MobaXterm, make sure that you have the following host and user name typed correctly:

    • Username: your username

    • Hostname:

Make sure you do not include within the username

Error: No DUO Mobile prompt

  • You may need to make adjustments to your duo mobile account. Use the following website to enable, change or test your duo authentication