Easley Cluster Quick Start Guide

Connect to the Easley Cluster


If you have not yet submitted account request for the Easley cluster, visit https://aub.ie/hpcacct and complete the form. If you have submitted a request, but have not received an email confirming approval of your account, please contact your PI sponsor to inquire about the status of the request.


To connect to Easley, open your favorite SSH client or terminal program, and use easley.auburn.edu as the hostname and your normal Auburn userid and password as the credentials.

For command-line terminals such as Mac OS and Linux, execute the following command …

$ ssh <auburn-userid>@easley.auburn.edu

We recommend the PuTTY SSH Client for Windows users.


The Easley cluster uses the Slurm scheduler, not Moab/Torque. Therefore, scheduler commands are different than those used on the Hopper Cluster. Please see our Easley User’s Guide for details.

Running Batch Jobs

$ sbatch -N<nodes requested> -n<cores requested> -J "<job name>" <job_script.sh>

Checking Job Status

$ squeue -l
$ scontrol show job <job_id>

Viewing Available Partitions (Queues)

$ sinfo
$ sinfo -s

Viewing Available Software

$ module avail

Loading Software

$ module load <software_name>/<software_version>

For more detailed information please read the Easley User’s Guide.